Drama Chooses Leads for the Fall Play


Credit to Savannah Wandzel

Sophomore Zoë Meier performs in one of her roles in last year’s fall play, “A Piece of My Heart.”

By Sydney Ellison

The 2018-19 school year is flying by, already the Drama Club has held auditions and chosen the leads for the fall play. Auditions were held on the Sept. 4 and 5. On those two days students anxiously waited outside of room 57 for their turn to audition. In the weeks prior to the auditions, students had the option to go to many workshops to improve their skills. Now the actors who made the cut will be preparing and practicing for the fall play called, “You Can’t Take it With You.”

“This play has been one we’ve considered for a couple years, so it’s kind of been circling around,” Drama teacher Kim Sulzner said.

The upcoming fall play is a romantic comedy centering around two characters raised by families who are polar opposites of each other. Tony Kirby, the main male character, has a family that is uptight and hides their true selves from the world. On the other hand Alice Sycamore, the lead female role, has a family that is not concerned with what others think of them and wants society to see them for exactly who they are. Hilarity and troublesome situations will occur as these two families come into contact with one another.

“[In the play] Anything that could go wrong, goes wrong and it’s all kind of slapstick,” Sulzner said.

Sophomore Zoë Meier was cast as the lead female role, Alice Sycamore. Senior Riley Lawson was cast as Sycamore’s fiance, Tony Kirby. The total cast count is 19, with 8 roles going to women, 9 roles going to men and 2 roles undetermined as of now. The fall play will be in production on Oct. 25, 26, and 27.   

“It’s just really amazing to see it start from a reading rehearsal, and then to the blocking rehearsal, and then to see it all come together at dress rehearsal,” cast member Chase Del Valle said.