New Food Truck Available for Student Lunches


By Sophie Carite, Jack Cleaveland, Mackenzie Pugh

The Francis Howell School District is adding a food truck to the list of options students have to choose from for lunch. The food truck, called Food for Thought, will also serve as a learning opportunity for high school FACS students. Students at all FHSD high schools will run the truck and cook food alongside formally trained Sodexo employees. It will give students interested in culinary arts the chance to interact with customers and work in a real kitchen.

According to FHN FACS teacher Rebecca Just, the truck could potentially be used for football games, parent teacher conferences, and special events at every school.  

The truck will rotate between different schools in the district and will be available to students in all grade levels during lunch times. The cafeteria in each school will remain open when the truck visits. Students receiving free or reduced lunches will be able to buy food from the truck with their student lunch account just as they would in a normal lunch room.

“The food truck is a unique experience and will benefit students of all ages,” said Food Service Manager and Head Chef Karin Mann. “Younger students will be able to experience a fun and healthy lunch, while older students will have the opportunity to acquire both business and culinary knowledge. It’s a win-win opportunity in getting students ready for the real world.”

Students were also involved in the making of the truck. Junior Jena Pae contributed to the design process for the outside art of the truck. She had the idea of adding fruits and vegetables to the outside of the truck. Pae also came up with the phrase “Order. Grill. Eat. Sip. Chill.”, which is featured on the top of the truck. According to Pae, she was very excited about the opportunity to have her work displayed on a truck that all the students would see.

“I thought the whole idea of it was really crazy and I’m super glad that I was able to be a part of it.” Pae said.