Doubles Partners Olivia Fetsch and Bella Scheinder go Undefeated in 2018-2019 Season


By Claire Huss

Seniors Bella Schneider and Olivia Fetsch step out onto the court with thoughts of how this is the last regular match of the season. Their opponents are FHHS, and last year they were defeated by them. This year, Schneider and Fetsch had a different strategy to defeat them. Schneider and Fetsch finished their final match of the season with an 8-7 win against FHHS, making them undefeated.

   “Last year one of our toughest matches was FHHS,” Schneider said. “We came super close to beating them, but they ended up beating us.”

   Last year, doubles partners Fetsch and Schneider were three games shy of becoming undefeated. This year they had high hopes of being an undefeated doubles team and they were.

   “We practiced a lot,”Fetsch said. “During practice, we play on the sides for the match to better prepare ourselves. We also play other doubles teams and work on what we need to for the game.”

    Fetsch and Schneider have had nine matches against FHC, FZE, FZW, FZS, Troy, Holt, Liberty, Timberland and FHHS. They have defeated all of those teams.

   “We talk a lot of strategy on the court,” Fetsch said. “We like to plan what our next move is going to be.”

   With having such success at winning in matches, Fetsch and Schneider’s teammates look up to them.

   “I think Bella and Olivia work good together because they are both strong players,” teammate and senior Audrey Dickherber said. “They have very good placement with the ball. Olivia knows how to slam the balls in the faces of the opponents.”

   Fetsch and Schneider have been playing as doubles partners for two years now. Both this year and last year they were ranked number four for doubles.

   “They have been improving a lot by being able to figure out how their opponents play and hit the ball and then using that to their advantage to be able to win,” Dickherber said.

   They had high hopes for improving their game even more this season and to have fun. They worked hard in all of their practices and worked together to find the weaknesses in their game and improve on them.

   “Our goal for this season was to have a complete undefeated season and we wanted to do our best,” Schneider said. “We got second place in GAC’s, and I am very happy we accomplished our goals for the season.”