Natalia Salazar Moves from Nebraska and Joins Cross Country Team


Credit to Jordyn Sgroi

Sophomore Natalia Salazar stretches with her fellow cross country teammates at an after school practice. This is her seventh year running cross country and she has the ability to run a 7:50 minute mile. Salazar recently twisted her ankle during a practice and is unable to run for two weeks.

By Michael Zull

Sophomore Natalia Salazar recently moved here to Missouri from the small town of Columbus, Nebraska. Salazar is currently a runner for FHN’s JV cross country team, and she ran for varsity at Columbus High School back in Nebraska. According to Salazar, both teams have similarities.

“In Columbus, we were really competitive. Everything was very challenging and [at FHN] it’s kind of the same thing,” Salazar said. “Everyone is competitive as well, maybe even more.”

Salazar was originally a little nervous to be a part of a new team in a city with almost two and a half times the population. Thoughts such as “it could be harder to make varsity,” and “it could be hard to make new friends” came through her head.

“I was nervous to be part of a new team thinking it would be hard for me to make friends but everyone was welcoming and nice,” Salazar said. “It was really easy to make friends from cross country, and I thank my teammates for that.”

However, the team welcomed and accepted her as a friend and a fellow Knight. According to fellow sophomore teammate, Alli Vernon, Salazar has made a number of friends from the start.

“I think she adapted very well here because of all the friends she has made,”  Vernon said. “From the start she was outgoing and goofy and we already have some inside jokes.”

Salazar has really settled into the transition between schools and teams. She has made a lot of new friends and overall progressed in her running.

“It seems like she is settling in and she is running well,” Head Coach Kimberly Martin said.  “Hopefully she is enjoying being a part of our crazy FHN cross country family. Natalia has been doing well so far. She is starting to look stronger in workouts which is great.”