Jennifer Crane Debuts New Women’s Chamber Choir


Credit to Riley Witherbee

Bella Voce ladies read their music while watching Jennifer Crane for cut-offs. This choir rehearses during fifth hour everyday. Their first concert is on Nov. 20.

By Riley Witherbee and Addy Bradbury

All eyes are focused on Choir Director Jennifer Crane as Bella Voce sings through their music for the November concert. Bella Voce, which meets fifth hour, is one of the two current chamber choirs at FHN, Knightsound being the other. It was added this year along with a ladies treble chorus. Bella Voce is an advanced chamber choir that prepares music pieces to perform in multiple concerts such as the fall, spring and dinner concert. As the year continues they will continue to learn music for the various performances.

“I love the new structure of the choir program,” said Knightsound Co-President Austin Shariff. “It gives everyone the opportunity to grow as a musician and be part of a great community.

With the new structure coming to light, there are chances for success and for complications. Everyone in the program has an opportunity to improve as an individual and work in a loving, welcoming community. The expectation to improve has come with the “new style” of the program. The competitive aspect has you work your hardest in school and out of school.

“I think that with the way the classes are taught now, everyone is expected to work their hardest and give it their all even if it’s just during rehearsal,” said Knightsound Vice President Essence Green. “Which is a great way to improve and learn responsibility.”

The idea for the new structure did not just pop up out of the blue, but it was thought through for a long time by Crane. She felt that with most of the talents from the ladies in the different choirs that there was a need for a women’s chamber choir, in addition to the mixed concert choir. Crane hopes that with this choir forms a positive atmosphere for all women as she has often seen women being torn down. She hopes that these ladies can build each other back up even though everyone shares similarities and differences.

A quote that Crane follows in the Bella Voce ensemble is “Fix another Queen’s crown without telling the world.” This quote inspires positive encouragement between all the ladies to help each other through difficult situations and anything that crosses in their paths.

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