FHSD Hosts Mobile Market For FHSD Families in Need


Credit to Isabella Schneider

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, FHSD hosted a local mobile market for surrounding community families.

By Isabella Schneider

On Wednesday Oct. 10, FHSD a mobile market. This was one of the many days they have made a mobile grocery market available to FHSD families, and surrounding local families in need.

“The mobile market has been running smoothly, since August of last year,” District Chef Karin Mann said.

The mobile market is a food bank run by volunteers in the surrounding area. This week, volunteers were the spirit team girls from Howell Middle School. They helped distribute basic food necessities like dairy products, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

“I think the girls are much more aware,” reading teacher Tammy Coveney said. “They can physically see the need for basic food items outside the community.”

This is the second year the mobile market has been running. Volunteers and FHSD hope to grow this opportunity for students and families in our community to easily have access to things they need. Coveney explained how she enjoys taking students to volunteer, because “it’s a good chance for them to come out and experience the needs of other people.”

“The increase in people needing food is growing every month,” explained Mann. “The need is definitely here, and the people are so grateful.”

The mobile market is always looking for new volunteers willing to help donate basic food items, and work days that the market is open.