FHN Hosts Sixth Annual Music in Motion Competition


Credit to Connor Peper

Hazelwood High School’s “Marching Wildcats” perform at Music in Motion.

By Connor Peper

It was an early start for most of the Knight Pride Marching Band as they gathered at school in the early hours of the morning to host FHN’s sixth annual Music in Motion on Oct. 20.

Music in Motion is the annual marching band competition and fundraiser hosted by and for Knight Pride Marching Band. The competition lasted all day. The high schools in participation were: Mehlville High School, Parkway West High School, Fort Zumwalt East High School, Francis Howell High School, Hazelwood High School, Parkway North High School, Carterville High School, Rolla High School, Republic High School, Pattonville High School, Houston High School and Salem High School.

“We only had 12 bands compete, which is nice since all of them were able to make it to finals,” said freshman Derek Ludwig.

Out of the 12 bands, Rolla secured first place, with Francis Howell in second. Music in Motion is unique for its size; however, the relative smallness of the competition isn’t viewed as a downside by members of Knight Pride Marching Band,

It’s a good way to get connected with the community and help bands compete no matter their size,” said junior Drum Major Grace Sickendick. “We really based the competition on how finals is the real show and prelims is just the opening.”

Despite the competition’s small size, bandsmen had plenty to do. Most people had to take on more than one job to make sure everything ran smoothly,

“In the morning I was at the concession stand and was riding around picking up trash,” said sophomore Maddy Brewer. “I have also been helping out with medical.”

National Honor Society was also helping run the concession stand. Among the challenges facing the competition was scheduling and team organization.

“It’s always a challenge making sure people get places on time and making sure all bandsmen know what their jobs are,” said Sickendick.

A common theme among bandsmen; this years competition, while slightly chaotic at times, was a success.

“I believe it’s going great,” Ludwig said. “I wouldn’t change anything. Everything is okay.”

Other bandsmen hoped the success of this year’s competition would allow for an expansion of the competition next year.

“I hope we could get more bands next year,” said Brewer. “There’s always something to improve.”