FHN Delta Sheds a Light on Diversity at FHN


Credit to Francisco Jimenez

Member of FHN’s newest club, Delta, at the Homecoming tailgate on Sept. 14.

By Hunter Turpin

“We want to be the change.” This is how senior Adriana Jimenez described one of the school’s newest clubs, Delta. However, it is more than a club, it is a mission.

The idea of Delta was started this year by teacher Kristen Jobgen and Dr. Nathan Hostetler in hopes of bringing more light to diversity within the school, not only diversity among culture, but also sexuality, gender and more. This motive was pitched to a few students and was immediately embraced.

“Ms. Jobgen had talked to Salam [Aboucheileh] and me and asked us if we wanted to start this club to bring more diversity and share our stories,” Jimenez said. “We both loved the idea and we began talking about and got things going.”

The organization is involved with the refugee school Nahed Chapman, it also will be leading a festival of the nations or cultural festival. Coming up, they will have a room at the annual trick or treat street. Delta member, Jude Khdeer, is looking forward to their different take on the event than others.

“We are doing a room that can teach others, especially kids, about culture and diversity,” Khdeer said. “It may be a bit of a challenge, because of their age, but I think it will have a big impact.”

Although they participate in FHN’s everyday events, the reaches of Delta are far broader. They want to create an environment and a place for those of every background and walk of life and a place where all can learn from each other.

“I think the main goal of Delta is just to praise diversity and spread awareness of it and to it,” Jimenez said.

With a new theme of unity this school year, this club, organization and mission are working hard to bring their take on the community to the student body.

“We want to see change happen in our school, but you can’t see it happen unless you do something about it,” Kdheer said. “We want to be that change.”