Q and A with Band Director Rob Stegeman


Band Director Robert Stegeman speaks with a parent at the Bands of America competition on Oct. 26. The competition was held in Saint Louis, MO. (Photo from fhnknightpride2017 on flickr)

By Kyle Crow

Q: What courses do you teach?

A: I teach AP Music Theory, Concert Percussion class, Jazz II, Wind ensemble, Concert Winds and Jazz I.


Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: Seven years in total, three here at FHN and four at my old school in Miami, Oklahoma.


Q: What are your plans for the jazz bands this year?

A: My goal is for both groups is to be fully performing ensembles and take them to competitions and the Jazz I class is expected to learn things faster and be the more advanced class and Jazz II is sort of like a feeder for Jazz I, and they are still having the same expectations as Jazz I while being able to take time and learn Jazz techniques and styles.


Q: What competitions or clinics are you going to this year?  

A: Essentially Ellington, UMSL, and Missouri State or Zumwalt North.


Q: What are you doing different this year than others?

A: In the previous years, I focused a lot on getting pieces that were a little more standard or old style jazz that the kids are used to, but also this year I’m adding more contemporary or modern jazz music.


Q: Why are you having two jazz bands this year?

A: There was enough interest in the course so for the numbers we have we had to have two Jazz classes and my desire for newcomers in Jazz II to take a little slower approach and then they can take their time and eventually come to the upper band in Jazz I.