FHN to Host First International Festival


Credit to Madison Abanathie

On Nov. 29, FHN will be hosting its first International Festival. The festival will have performances by different groups and aims to celebrate different cultures.

By Hunter Turpin

15+ ethnic groups, representing eight regions of the world, coming together for one event. On Thursday, Nov. 29, FHN will host its first ever International Festival.

The festival will be held in the commons from 5 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and will include food, dances, art, language lessons and ceremonies from groups around the world. The festival will be set up gallery style, different stops throughout featuring various activities. Coordinator Salam Aboucheileh, along with her fellow organizers, believe the event hosts a wide variety of culture and events to attract those attending.

“There’s gonna be so many different types of stops that I really think will be both informative, but also interesting and entertaining,” Aboucheileh said. “Plus dancing and food bring people together in a fun way.”

FHN consists of approximately 21 percent minorities and Saint Louis ranks around two hundred and fiftieth in terms of diversity, not to mention the lower ranking of Saint Charles has, according to the US Census Bureau. These statistics do not emulate a diverse environment. Senior Elise Gordon hopes to attend and increase her cultural awareness.

“We live in an area that doesn’t really have a ton of diversity or culture, but I think that makes something like this even more important,” Gordon said. “It will show a different side of the community we live in.”

The festival has an even bigger meaning to those that come from a diverse background as it supports a cause they believe in and offers a way for them to promote their culture in a positive light.

“As someone from an ethnic background, I hope this will show others that people from around the world are different, but not in a bad way,” Aboucheileh said.

Those who planned it believe it will leave a lasting impact on the school for those who attend.

“I know this will be a great learning experience and I think I will leave with a new cultural perspective, and a full stomach,” Gordon said.