Freshman Natalie Legg Hones Art Skills in Intro to Art

A World of Color


Credit to Ella Manthey

Freshman Natalie Legg works on a piece of art, with a red colored pencil, in Intro to Art. Legg started her love of art with doodles and has now moved on to everyday objects.

By David Hernandez, Excalibur Reporter

A big part of making art is seeing things in a different perspective, and one FHN student makes those perspectives a reality that everyone else can see. Freshman Natalie Legg has been painting for four years now and three years ago she added painting everyday objects like acorns, walls, desks and ukuleles to her repertoire.

“It’s more fun than just painting on a regular canvas, because it’s just a flat surface that you can’t really do much with except hang it on the wall,” Legg said. “If you are painting something that has a significant meaning to you then it’s more connected to you and it’s easier to paint from the heart.”

Legg started out her art by making doodles in notebooks in her spare time. Eventually this evolved to making paintings of and on everyday objects. She is now taking Intro to Art with Art Teacher Denise Maples.

“She is very detailed,” Maples said. “Her art is very detailed and realistic. She is good with color and shading. She’s very good at drawing.”

Legg paints all kinds of scenes. She enjoys painting old objects like keys or natural subjects such as orchids. Legg makes sure to work very hard to bring out very fine detail in her pieces to make a realistic style using mediums such as watercolor paint and colored pencils. So far her proudest pieces include paintings of birds and a painted ukulele she worked hard on.

“I like looking at other people’s art,” Legg said. “It’s cool to think about what is in their brain that’s going in the canvas and I’d just like to do that too.