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FHN Predicts Outcomes of This Week’s Sports Games

This week in the sports world, there is going to be three games going on including the Packers vs. Falcons, Flyers vs. Sabers, Bucks vs. Raptors. I interview 5 people including a teacher and 4 students from each grade.




Packers vs. Falcons, Flyers vs. Sabers, Bucks vs. Raptors

9th Grade Students Prediction

Ben Wisdom - Packers because they have home field advantage. Sabers because the Flyers haven’t done good at all this season. Raptors because they are the #1 team in the NBA right now.

10th Grade Students Prediction

10th grade: Brian Montameyer - Packers because Aaron Rodgers is a top tier quarterback. Sabers because they are better overall as a team. Bucks because they are the underdog.

11th Grades Student Prediction

11th grade: Jeremy Kiel - Packers because it’s his favorite team. Flyers because everyone doubts them even though they are the worst team they are still okay. Raptors because they are the #1 team.

12th Grade Students Prediction

12th grade: Anthony Steck - Falcons because Julio Jones has been heatin up lately. Sabers because the Flyers are the worst team in the NHL right now. Bucks because they are projected to lose.

Teachers Prediction

Teacher: Mrs. Maples - Falcons because they are red and black. Flyers because they are good this year. Raptors because they are the #1 team this year so far.

My Prediction

Me- Falcons because quarterback Matt Ryan and Wide Receiver Julio Jones have been starting to heat up the playing field. Flyers because they are the underdog. Raptors because they are ranked #1 overall in the entire league and Kawhi Leonard is lighting up the court.

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