FHN Alumna Mikayla Weiss Becomes a Student Teacher at FHN


Credit to Hadel Abdelkarim

Student teacher Mikayla Weiss and Business teacher Angela Mason worked together this entire semester to teach and help Weiss improve her teaching skills.

By Hadel Abdelkarim, Excalibur Reporter

A lot people think they know what they want to do when they grow up, but Mikayla Weiss knew exactly what she wanted to do since second grade. Weiss is a former student from FHN who graduated in 2014 and now goes to Lindenwood University to study business education to become a teacher. She became a student teacher to Business teacher Angie Mason to learn more about teaching. According to Weiss, she has learned a lot from Mason.

“Mrs. Mason does all my observations,” Weiss said. “She fills out forms for me, she works with communication with Lindenwood with me, she goes to the training with me like one session of training with me. Just outside of the things she has to do for student teaching she goes above and beyond to make sure I have all the information I need and teaches me the programs that teachers use like infinite campus, as well as a lot of classroom management like notes, like, ‘Hi, I did this, you should try this too’ type thing, so it’s a lot of the little advice she gives here and there that’s really helpful.” 

Mason has been teaching for almost 18 years which makes her well experienced with teaching. She provided Weiss help and gave her advice for when it comes to teaching. Mason was also happy about having another pair of hands helping her in class.

“It was awesome,” Mason said. “I really enjoyed the fact that she was able to help while I was helping the students, and other students were needing help, and she was able to help them. We were able to bounce ideas off each other. When she was lecturing I would kinda stand back and help the students who needed help and vise versa, so it was really awesome.”

Students also liked having Weiss in the room to help them with their work when the teacher is helping someone else. Junior Britney Tran is one of those students who likes having Weiss around to help.

“I’ve always liked having a second opinion so that way I can ensure I always get the correct answers and I always get extra help if I have a question,” Tran said.