Wrestling Team Hosts Senior Night for Nine Outgoing Seniors

By Enrico Spadaccini and Grace Humphres

Sports senior nights are nights where teams are able to recognize their seniors in their last year of high school, before they move on to college. Senior night is one of the most important nights, because not only does it give the underclassmen and coaches time to thank and remember the students who are moving on, but it also gives them closure before they leave high school forever. Unfortunately our very own FHN wrestling team will be losing nine members on the team, including their manager. As these seniors are about to head off into the real world this will be an emotional, yet exciting night for everyone.

Senior night will be something memorable for the class of 2019 due to the huge loss in what all the Varsity team and their coach, Chris Brown, consider as a family. It doesn’t bother the team that they compete individually, because at the end of the match they are one team. According to the wrestlers, they will remember all of the memories they had together and the seniors will not be forgotten.

“I definitely love the FHN team,” junior wrestler Jeremiah Meador Boland said. “Because it feels like a family even though it’s just an individual sport.”

One of the many great things that holds this team together is it’s collaboration with coach Brown. Brown has been training and working with these wrestlers for four years.

“I kinda built my team around this group of seniors,” Brown said. “They have been the backbone of what our team has become.”

Wrestling senior night will be Tuesday, Jan. 15, against Fort Zumwalt West in the big gym, starting at 6 p.m. According to Brown, he wants the gym packed to make the night even more special for the outgoing seniors