Mock Trial Wins First Match of the Year


Credit to Photo Submitted

The FHN Mock Trial team stands for a group photo, in front of a judge’s bench, after a successful meet.

By Gracie Bowman, North Star Opinions and Entertainment Editor

FHN’s Mock Trial team had it’s first trial on Jan. 22 at the St. Louis County Courthouse. One of the three FHN teams competed against Fort Zumwalt West. They won on an unanimous decision by a panel of three judges.

“We were extremely nervous because our practice trials didn’t go so well,” team member Connor Peper said. “But on the big night, we were able to get over our nerves and secure the bag.”

The team has practice every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in the learning commons. They practice their depositions, direct and cross examinations, open and closing statements and overall coherency as a team.

“Practices are useful, because they give you an opportunity to practice with the person who is direct examining you,” official Time Keeper Colin St. Aubin said. “It ultimately gives the team a chance to practice with one another rather than working on a Google doc.”

The team had another trial on Jan. 24, with round two of trials beginning in late February. If they win, they will continue to the regional competition at the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse in late March.

“It will be an interesting experience for me,” St. Aubin said. “Ultimately, we have to focus on the trials at hand before we worry anything about the later competitions.”