Thrift Store in St. Charles Sells Many Unique Items [Story + Photo Story]

Credit to Sammie Herr
Customer Jackie B. speaks with manager Michelle Snyder as she buys a few items. Each week they receive new items from vendors like Jackie.

By Kylah Woods, Features Editor

A small thrift store called Good Buy Girls is hidden in a small plaza off of Old Highway 94.

It’s very well organized and always neat and clean,” customer Jackie B said. “I like seeing all the new things here.”

Good Buy Girls sells women’s clothing, jewelry, home decorations and more. Everyday they get new items from different vendors. A typical day for manager Michelle Snyder is working with the customers to make sure their needs are fulfilled, showing them new items and helping them pick out gifts.

“I like being the first person to see all the new things that come in,” Snyder said. “I love getting the customers excited for all the new things we have.”

The store reopened in April this past year after the previous owners sold the business. The new owners, Kate and Lucien Storm, bought the business and moved it to a new building within the same weekend.

“We worked so hard to get the store moved,” Snyder said. “Luckily we were only moving a couple doors down.”

Once a month, Good Buy Girls has a small party for women in the community where they provide food and drinks. The parties last from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and anyone is invited. They offer specials on their merchandise and they bring in outside vendors for the women to purchase from. It’s generally on a Wednesday night and their next party will be around Valentine’s Day.

“We like to have a place for the ladies to come and build relationships,” Snyder said. “It’s a fun time to get to know new people and make purchases. We really want to be apart of the community.”