FHN Winter Guard Competes in Art in Motion


Credit to Addy Bradbury

Members of Fox High School’s Winter Guard perform during the 2019 Art in Motion competition on Feb. 16.

By Sydney Ellison, North Star Reporter

(Photos by Addy Bradbury)

On Feb. 16, flags flew through FHN’s gym during the annual Art in Motion competition. Art in Motion is one of Winter Guard’s big events, many nearby schools come to participate and attempt to bring home the first place spot. The JV Winter Guard team at FHN scored third place in their bracket while varsity scored first in theirs.

“It’s fun to get to watch shows other than your own and everyone is so nice in the guard community, so there’s a lot of positivity spreading around,” JV Winter Guard member Ashleigh Lowry said.

At the competition, JV performed a show called “Save Me From the Dark,” while varsity performed a show called “Flying Free.” Even the middle school feeder team joined in performing a show called “Royal Crown.” The teams practice for weeks in advance to prepare for this event.

“When I perform, I’m scared I am going to mess up in front of so many people,” Lowry said. “When I finally get to the show, muscle memory sets in and it’s the most fun time you can ever have.”

This is not the first Art in Motion that Winter Guard has competed in. The goal is to get more involvement in the competition next year to hopefully raise some awareness for Winter Guard.

“Having the support of the school made everything so much better and I am excited to see what is to come in the future,” said varsity Winter Guard member Makenna Jansing.