StuCo Prepares For Upcoming Election on Feb. 22


Credit to Francisco Jimenez

Brendan Gannon hands a student a flyer for the upcoming STUCO elections. Gannon wanted to become vice president instead of becoming president a second year. Every year, returning StuCo members are allowed to run to be an officer the following year.

By Sofiya Melnychuk

StuCo is gearing up for their upcoming election on Feb. 22 in the Commons during lunches. To participate in the voting, students receive a scantron and simply fill in their choices. According to current president and junior Brendan Gannon, there are approximately six students currently seeking the seat of President on Student Council, however, typically there could be as many as 12.

“This year, I am running for Vice President so my friends can run for President,” Gannon said. “Elections make a big impact on FHN community. The annual election is important and helpful because it allows us new people with new fresh ideas.”

This year StuCo has changed lots of things and has plenty of accomplishments. StuCo has been active this year in making things better for students.

“This year we are taking the Polar Plunge,” said Gannon. “We created the school store that is about to open. One thing the Student Council helped to do was change the hat policy.”

This election occurs once a year, and the objective is to invite new members. Gannon offers advice for those wishing to join the Council.

“Don’t be shy,” Gannon said. “Be active and try to be known throughout the school. The people on the Council are really nice and they will do what they can to help you succeed.”