Former Student Marissa Hunt Joins the National Guard


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For some, joining the military after high school is a very real option. Here are some requirements and benefits of joining the military in or after high school.

By Kylah Woods, North Star Features Editor

Credit to Kylah Woods

After graduating in 2018, FHN Alumna Marissa Hunt enlisted in the National Guard this past year.

“Ever since the eighth grade, I wanted to join the National Guard to serve my country,” Hunt said. “I’ve always wanted to help in some way. I felt like doing that would make me feel kind of like a more important person.”

Hunt’s decision to join the National Guard was her own personal decision. Her family doesn’t have history with the military. To prepare before she enlisted, she made sure to talk to recruiting officers and people she knew that were active in the military to ensure she knew what she was getting into. She also went to a two-day camp to learn how to wear a uniform, how to march and how to talk to a sergeant.

“I’m still trying to prepare mentally,” Hunt said. “I’m a little scared but I’m ready to help serve my country.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, Hunt left for reception, where she got her body checked to ensure she’s ready for boot camp, where she will be for about four to 10 days. There, she will get everything she needs for boot camp. After reception, she heads to boot camp for 10 weeks. From there she goes to Advanced Individual Training (AIT), then she will be a combat medic in Fort Sam Houston for 16 weeks. After her time there she will return back to college.   

“Part of me feels really good about it,” Hunt said. “I know that I can change my life and I can pay for school, support my family and support myself without depending on others. But the other part of me is scared but overall, I’m feeling really good about it.”