Evan Becker Follows His Dreams Through Speech And Debate


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

Freshman Evan Becker talks about the upcoming speech and debate districts with fellow members Carly Gordon, Pavan Kolluru and Amoolya Pandurangi.

By Michael Zull, North Star Reporter

Becoming an attorney has always been a dream of freshman Evan Becker’s ever since he was young. He realized when he was 8 years old because he enjoyed arguing with his siblings and since then, Becker has joined the FHN Speech and Debate team. He has competed in many tournaments through his time in the club to help further improve his speech and debate skills. Becker has competed from Troy to Pattonville, snatching up his first and as of Feb. 28, his only first place at a Ladue Congress tournament.

“He’s got a good mind,” Speech and Debate coach Randy Pierce said. “He’s very effective analytically, he can think logically and he can communicate well He’s assertive and confident without being too oppressive and this affects the work ethic where he’s willing to do the research and the preparation.”

Growing up, Becker was exposed to an environment where he was able to talk his points out with his parents while supporting his points up with evidence and according to his mother Bethany Becker, this has helped foster his passion for debate. Bethany Becker also thinks other factors such as his father having his law degree may help play a role into Evan’s dream.

“He will go up into his room and research and prepare speeches for hours,” Bethany said. “Sometimes, I’d hear him talking and think he’s on FaceTime but he’s actually practicing and timing his speeches.”

Becker has received a lot of encouragement from his peers as he has progressed through the years. A lot of the varsity Speech and Debate members have helped Brecker better prepare himself for speeches and offer valuable feedback from their own experiences.

“Since I joined speech and debate, I’ve learned how to argue more effectively,” Becker said. “Because you not only have to be able to give your own opinion but you have to be able to argue in a way that convinces someone else to agree with what you agree with.