Prom Fashion Show to Take Place Feb. 27


Credit to File Photo

Prom Fashion Show participants line up for a photo during the 2018 show.

By Liy Taliaferro, North Star Reporter

Lights, Camera, Action! On Feb. 27, FHN will be having their annual Prom Fashion Show in the auditorium in order to raise money for the April dance.

“The Prom Fashion Show is held this Wednesday and it’s juniors and seniors, girls and boys who like to model and dress from David’s Bridal or another dress store,” junior class Officer Harshi Segabandi said. “They just show their talent if they want to and they also model the dress and it’s all for a donation. All the money earned goes to the prom. It starts at seven o’clock and there’s two MC’s, who are calling people’s names out and they walk out and they show a talent of theirs.”

The show not only shows off the latest and greatest fashion trends for both boys and girls, it gives the junior class officers more funds to work with in planning for decorations and the gifts given at Prom. The fundraising money comes from the ticket sale profits for the show. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased from the models, or at the door.

“I think it is just one of those opportunities that juniors and seniors get to be a part of each year, and I love when students do it junior year and then come back senior year because it is fun.” junior class sponsor Marissa Heyer said. “I love seeing people dress up, it’s fun, I like working with community members who can help support us as well. Anyone is welcome to attend. We would love for people to come out. We raffle off free prom tickets, we also raffle off a tuxedo and we have a wide variety of gifts from our community.”

The show is about an hour long and is open to anyone who would like to see it.