Senior Kamryn Bell Competed in the State Diving Tournament


Credit to Savannah Wandzel

Senior Kamryn Bell dives into the water at a meet against FZS on Jan. 29.

By Claire Huss, North Star Reporter

On Thursday Feb. 14, Senior Kamryn Bell competed in the state diving competition. She had tough competition against 32 other girls.

“I am very happy I got to experience state,” Bell said. “It was very nerve wracking but after awhile I realized it wasn’t that big of a deal because I was already at state.”

Bell got to complete five dives at state. Being put up against tough competition though, she did not get move on.

“Scoring was tough,” Bell said. “In other meets I would be scoring sixes but at state I would get around fours.”

Although Bell wishes state went better, she was very happy with how she ended her season and diving career at FHN.

“I have made so many awesome friendships,” Bella said. “They really made this season memorable.”