FCCLA Will Travel to NYC on Feb. 28


Credit to Photo Submitted

By Sofiya Melnychuk, North Star Reporter

When one thinks about culinary perfection, New York City immediately comes to mind. However, NYC has much more to offer. FCCLA will explore NYC between Feb. 28 and March 3, not only for their culinary talents, but their fashion industry as well.

“We have a really jam packed schedule,” FCCLA sponsor Marissa Heyer said. “For fashion learning we are visiting things like clothing manufactures, showrooms, Jewelry Design Production Studio and other fashion related places.”

The main purpose is to experience NYC for their Culinary and Fashion components. Students will visit ethnic markets and restaurants. Discuss foods, spices and traditions that are indigenous to the region.

“This trip is really good for learning hands on experience,” Heyer said. “Also, some students have not travelled to New York City before.”

Heyer will be traveling with 10 students in attendance. The excitement is building within the students who are going on this trip.

“This is my first trip with FCCLA,” sophomore Haley Dunscombe said. “I’m excited to leave the Midwest and to see the big city.”

Some of the students leaving the state for the first time are aspiring to learn new things.

“This trip will help us to learn more about Fashion and Culinary industry,” sophomore Alanna Hollins said. “We are excited to learn a new culture and to see how people live. I also hope to have some new memories to bring home with me.”

Since belonging to FCCLA is a requirement for the New York trip, some are hoping that this trip will continue to build FCCLA membership.

“It will help sharing to the world about FCCLA and bring in new members for next year,” Hollins said.