Freshman Abby Martinez Dances on Knightline Like Her Sisters Before Her


Credit to Madison Abanathie

Freshman Abby Martinez performs with Knightline at the Feb. 8 Snowcoming Pep Assembly.

By Anna Besancenez, North Star Reporter

It’s the day of the competition and freshman Abby Martinez is listening to her music, getting pumped and getting her muscles warm. The music flipped a switch to achieve what she has been pushing for. This competition atmosphere isn’t new to Abby because her sisters Lauren and Kayla Martinez have danced before her on Knightline. It is a strong bond that they shared since Abby was young. Lauren graduated in 2015 and Kayla graduated in 2017.

“Knightline was one of the best experiences in high school,” Lauren said. “It was a great time for me to do what I love with my friends who I still talk to today.”

Abby, a freshman at FHN this year, has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She started at Synergy Dance Center, but she now dances at Fusion Dance Center. The skills she learned in the studio gave her experience she uses in Knightline. Abby also learned skills from watching her sisters practice and being around the dance team. Since she was around the team she practiced harder things at a younger age.

“Dancing with the group of dancers now is super special because they’re all so sweet and great group of dancers,” Abby said.

Abby and her sisters all grew up dancing and competing at the studio and on Knightline. Dancing allows the sisters to express what they love to do and how they feel. Abby always felt she was going to do Knightline because she wanted to be involved with the school and do what she enjoys. Abby got to watch both of her sisters go through the experience by going to competitions and hearing about practices so she kind of knew what she was doing when she tried out freshman year.

“Keeping the legacy going was really important and special to me,” Abby said.

Lauren and Kayla did Knightline all four years on varsity. The two were on the team together for Lauren’s junior and senior year. They made it to finals at nationals during Lauren’s junior year and Kayla’s freshman year and couldn’t have been happier. According to Kayla, the team’s hard work paid off greatly. When preparing for the competitions the dancers practiced two dances; a jazz and a hip hop.

“Knightline was like my second home and I considered the girls my family,” Kayla said.

According to their biggest supporters Holly and Terry Martinez, their parents, they have been through it all. They have been there for the girls from stressful backstage quick changes to first place trophies. Moments like that can be very hectic and exciting.

“I always tell the girls the trophy doesn’t come on Saturday, it comes Monday through Friday,” Terry said.

According to Abby she is constantly pushing herself to learn new tricks at practice for hopes in becoming a better dancer. She hopes these tricks will help her continue her dancing career in college.

“Watching people dance or college dance teams inspires me and pushes me harder to become a better dancer,” Abby said. “It’s a big stress reliever and I feel more myself when I dance.”=