Music Artists Have Changed Society

By Grace Harding, North Star Reporter

As life goes on, and society changes, the art that is created changes. Along with the art, the people who portray it change. Music has the potential to change a person’s behavior, mood, beliefs and much more; however, the words are only half the battle. The artist who represents the music changes the way the potential is used. Someone who has light happy lyrics but delivers them as sad lyrics will be different than someone who delivers those same lyrics, happily.

Like I’ve said, as society changes the art changes. A song from 60 years ago has a different meaning then than it does now. Now the song could be perceived as racist and sexist when then, the song was normal. Artists have come up with ways to inspire their listeners to be true to themselves and not worry about what other people say.

An artist who does this tends to have a huge impact on the society around them. An example of this is Harry Styles. The former One Direction member was touring his debut album from September 19, 2017 through July 14, 2018, and was often showing his LGBTQ support on stage by holding and performing with gay flags. Because he has started doing this during his performances, his audience has expanded and the LGBTQ community knows that they are in a safe place when they attend his concert. So all-in-all him being seen with flags on more than one occasion has been a win-win situation for Styles and society.

Another person who has affected the society in a positive way is Nathan Feuerstein, more commonly known as NF. Feuerstein is an American Christian rapper who is known mostly for rapping about his own life experiences and how he overcomes them. Because he raps about personal experiences that, not only him, but common people in everyday life have gone through, it makes people feel not alone and creates a connection between the rapper and the listener that will never break. One of Feuerstein’s more popular songs ‘Let You Down’ which talks about a son trying to not disappoint his mother but messes up and lets her down, but then realizes she is not a very good mother and has been letting him down his whole life.

Because things like LGBTQ and life experiances are being talked about more in music, people tend to talk about these topics more in society. This causes the issues to be discussed, addressed and changed for the better.