Aubree Fox is the Only Senior on Varsity Knightline

Dancing Her Way Through Knightline


Credit to File Photo

Senior Aubree Fox at the 2019 Snowcoming Pep Assembly.

By Riley Witherbee, Photographer

Senior Aubree Fox expresses emotion for her passion of dancing while performing at the Snowcoming pep assembly. Fox is the only senior on Varsity Knightline this year. The last time this occurred was in the 2014-2015 school year.

“I have been dancing for Knightline for three years. I danced my freshman, junior and senior year,” Fox said. “But overall, I have been dancing for 16 years.”

With Fox being the only senior on Varsity, she takes on a lot more responsibility than she has in previous years. She has the responsibility to take charge on creating the choreography for halftime shows and picking out the outfits the team wears.

“The team is very dedicated this year and responsible,” Fox said. “They help come up with new ideas and choreo for any games or halftimes.”

Beside her success this season, Fox has faced the difficulty of hyperextended joints in her shoulders for the past three years. Dancing is still the same, but it comes with a lot more caution.

“I have had a surgery every year for the past three years,” Fox said. “I really have to know my limits with dancing.”

Fox hopes to continue dancing after high school and has an audition in March of 2019 to become part of the staff for the Universal Dance Association. As staff, she would be teaching choreography to dancers, helping students with technique and still be performing as part of a group.

“I am excited to hopefully get the opportunity to continue dancing, but nervous because it is an audition and there is a possibility that I won’t make it,” Fox said. “I just want to continue my love for dancing.”