Scholar Quiz Team Pulls Through at GAC’s


Credit to Aadhi Sathishkumar

After thinking about the question, sophomore William Pundmann buzzes in to answer a question during a round. The buzzing system works much like Jeoprady, a TV game show where contestants buzz in to answer a question. If the contestant gets the question right, the team gets three bonus questions, which they can discuss to answer.

By Karsyn Williams, North Star Staffer

This past weekend, the varsity scholar quiz team went against 10 schools at the Scholar Bowl GAC at Orchard Farms High School. The team had won against two schools, one of them being due to the other school not showing up to the event. Senior Colin St. Aubin, a member of the varsity quiz team, had placed eighth overall at the event.

“I feel like we did the best that we could,” varsity scholar quiz member and senior, Madison Abanathie said. “We scored pretty well and got a few close games. There were just a few really good teams at Orchard Farms.”

The varsity team has won four out of the 12 scholar quiz competitions this season. Overall, the team has collected a score of 3360 points.

“All the bases were covered, it was just a matter of who could buzz in faster, and we weren’t buzzing in as fast as other teams,” Abanathie said.

This Saturday, the team will be returning to Orchard Farms High School for the invitationals. The event will be the last one before FHN hosts the district competition on April 6.

“I feel like we’ll still do pretty good,” Abanathie said. “We’re going to try and pull it together.”