AP Human Geography Takes Field Trip to Bayer


By Adriana Jimenez, Excalibur Reporter

For the first time in the two years, AP Human Geography has been a class, the teacher, William Crow, decided to take his kids on a field trip to learn more about their current lesson of farming and agriculture to Bayer Monsanto.

“I think this was an important trip, because the unit we are learning about is farming and agriculture and it kind of gave us a look into what goes into how our food is made and the technology that is used,” sophomore Holly Willott said.

The trip lasted about five hours and students had the opportunity to learn and participate in some activities that helped introduce them to the world of agriculture and farming.

“The reason I organized the trip is because I wanted to show the kids that there are different opportunities in agriculture besides just farming,” Crow said. “Secondly, I had a good contact at Bayer Monsanto who was able to help me set it up. I think it made everyone a little more aware about what’s out there.”