Four Handpicked Students Present in PhotoVoice at Emerson World Headquarters


Students come together to discuss topics and issues to help better FHN as a school and community. (Photo Submitted)

By Jasey Adkinson, Excalibur Reporter

In front of 25 schools, freshman Mya Walker, sophomore Ella Pardo and juniors Anthony McDonald and Kaelan Gibson presented their PhotoVoice project. PhotoVoice was a conference held at Emerson World Headquarters on March 1, put on by GatewayToChange. Each school presented the differences and struggles throughout their own campus. They had to have three positives about their school and three negatives.

“Dr. Steep chose students she thought would have a strong voice about our own school,” Walker said. “I think she looked for students with a level of maturity to have these harder conversations.”

GatewayToChange is a non-profit that educates students along with adults about the issues that face our society. They hold conferences at schools in four to five parts. They use community circles, similar to Knight Time, to build relations and have students speak up about the issues their schools face.

“It meant a lot to me,” Walker said. “It meant having a safe place to share my feelings about racial injustice.”

FHN covered the diversity throughout the staff members, growth of dignity, strong student leadership, common separation and a strong community. They also showed the most recent safety survey results that reflective the positive change throughout the school.

“We are currently working on bringing our version of PhotoVoice to the whole school,” Dr. Erin Steep said. “I think that will give us momentum for next year.”