FHSD Creates a New District App


By Sammie Herr and Jack Cleaveland

As part of FHSD’s “Future Focused” strategic planning efforts, a new app was unveiled on Jan. 22 or use by students, parents and staff members alike. The app serves as a hub for all
of the different apps, websites and services allowing you to check grades, add lunch money, access calendars and more. To download the app, search “Francis Howell” on Google Play or in the app store.

“I don’t have the app yet, but it would be very convenient to only have to go to one place to check your grades and add lunch money,” junior Courtney Helmick said.

It is downloadable on iOS and Android. People who have it downloaded will be the first to receive notifications for snow days. FHSD analytics show that two thirds of students and parents who access this information do so from a mobile device, meaning this app will make it easier for the two thirds majority that are using their phone to retrieve their information.

“It’s very organized and easy to manage,” freshman Jack Luong said. “I like how I can add lunch money and check my grades in the same place. I’m excited to show it to my mom because she always complains about how long it takes.”

Previously, to get to all the things that the app grants you access to, it took multiple apps, passwords and websites. With the introduction of the app, it shaves off multiple steps from the process and brings all of your information to one place. The app significantly streamlines the process of searching for information about FHN and makes it easier for students, parents and staff members since they have it all in one place.

“[The app] is a way to engage and collaborate with families,” Chief Communications and Community Relations Officer Matt Diechmann said. “We will continue to add content to make sure it remains a viable source for information. We encourage the students to download it as well, it’s not just for parents.”