KOE Hosts Luncheon For Seniors


By Katt Davis and Hannah Wilson

KOE will be hosting the 4.0 luncheon on April 5 for qualified seniors at Old Hickory Golf Club. About 90 seniors from all three high schools will leave during third hour for the luncheon. They will get their photos taken, eat a lunch of chicken, salads and vegetables and then receive awards before heading home.

“It’s nice to see all the students,” KOE sponsor Kristen Johnson said. “They’re all dressed up and looking spiffy, and then just to see them celebrated for what I think is a pretty important accomplishment. And they always have fun interacting with each other. All the other high schools are there too, so you just get to see the best students in our district.”

The seniors need to have a weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher, Juniors graduating early and seniors who graduated at semester are also honored at the event. At the event, the high school principals give speeches, the superintendent speaks and each student is recognized with their post high school goals being read off as they receive their awards.

“I was surprised when I got [the invitation] because I didn’t know when it would come out,” senior Sarah Moore said. “It was exciting when I got it. I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends and meeting people from other schools.”

After the students celebrate their hard work till about 1 p.m., they can end the day early.

“I was excited that I was being honored for that and I got that,” senior Kelly Burris said. “I was proud of myself.”