KOE Plans New Additions to End of Year Picnic


Credit to File Photo

Junior Cameron Minter lunges to throw his bean bag to win the game. KOE hosted the KOE Picnic last year, with multiple bouncy castles. The picnic was for students who did good things within the school throughout the school year.

By Michael Zull, North Star Reporter

For as long as most staff and students can remember, Knights Of Excellence (KOE) has had a way of rewarding FHN students during second semester who have done the right things throughout the school year. This year, the picnic takes place on April 25 and will be on the turf field during sixth and seventh hour. It offers invited students many possibilities of having a good time from free food to inflatables to many games that students can play.

“It’s really nice to see the students happy and enjoying the picnic,” co- sponsor Lindsey Scheller said. “Also, to see all the students feel recognized for all of their different achievements and be able to just chill with their friends and have fun for a day is nice.”

The planning process consists of pulling class rosters and filtering in the requirements to come such as students on Honor Roll, students with 90 percent attendance and students who have not been in ISAP or OSS all year. Then the list of students are compiled together and highlighted by hand on sixth hour rosters of all teachers. KOE gets their spending money for the picnic from not only their provided budget from the District, but from selling Powderpuff tickets in the fall.

“It’s a long process for sure,” co- sponsor Kristen Johnson said. “ From getting the class rosters all ready to getting the right students highlighted, it takes time.”

On top of the inflatables and other activities, according to Scheller, there will be a “never been done before” student performance. A few FHN students will be performing aerial silks on the field. The students will be suspended in the air from silks and they’ll be putting on a performance for people throughout the picnic.

“It would add a different aspect to the event having that happen,” junior and KOE member Molly Scott said. “Instead of having a whole bunch of activities, one would have a place where [the students] could just relax and enjoy the performance.”