Sophomore David Lopez Talks About His Time as a Varsity Track Runner


Credit to Addy Bradbury

Sophomore David Lopez runs in the 4×800 relay at the Friday Knight Relays

By Cole Sherman

Sophomore David Lopez has been a varsity track runner since his freshman season. Lopez specializes in middle-distance races such as the 800m (2 laps). Lopez looks to continue to train hard everyday, making him a leader for many other runners.


Q: How long have you ran track?

A: I have ran track for 2 years

Q: What events do you run for the track team?

A: The 4×800 relay, Open 800 meter run, 4×400 meter relay

Q: What is your favorite event to compete?

A: The 4×800 meter relay, because it’s fun to compete with the guys I practice with.

Q: How does running cross country and track correlate with each other?

A: Cross country helps me build endurance, that I use to keep my maximum speed in the 2 laps I run for track.

Q: How has your varsity experience as a freshman, make you a leader on the team?

A: I can be looked up to because I have been through the pressure of running a varsity meet, which can be used to help others for their own races.

Q: Who on the team has been the biggest contribution for your success?

A: Alex Baker, a former FHN runner has helped me because he always pushed me through every practice and workout to make me get the most out of of every practice in order to be most successful in every race.

Q: What is your pre-race ritual(s) that gets you ready for every race?

A: I always listen to Khalid because he’s my favorite artist, and I like I to jog away from everyone to take a moment and thank God for giving me this opportunity.