How to Make Pecan Pie with Emily Zhang

By Enrico Spadaccini, Videographer

Sophomore Emily Zhang has always enojoyed baking. Despite her basic skills, Zhang finds fun and enjoyable trying to make something tasty and new.

Ingredients for crust:

2 1/2c. flour
1tsp salt
2Tbsp sugar
3/4 (a stick and a half) butter
6-8 Tbsp cold water

Ingredients for pie:

1 1/2c. chopped pecan nuts
1c. dark corn syrup
1c. sugar
2Tbsp butter
1tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs

Directions for crust:
1.mix flour, salt, sugar and butter in a bowl
2. slowly add water
3.wrap and put in the refrigerator

Directions for pie:
1.mix all the ingredients in a bowl
2. spread the dough in a pan
3. pour the mixture on the crust
4.bake at 350°F for 60-70 minutes