Khalid Releases New Album “Free Spirit”


(Used with permission from Creative Commons)

By Enrico Spadaccini , FHNtoday Reporter

Khalid Donnel Robinson, better known as Khalid, is an American singer and songwriter. The 21-year-old came into the spotlight in 2016 when, in collaboration with the artist Alina Baraz, released a single titled “Electric” which received over 700,000 plays on the platform SoundCloud. In 2019, after releasing his top hits ”American Teen” and “Young, Dumb, and Broke” which reached the Bilboard Top 100 and many awards after, the young artist finally released his second solo album, “Free Spirit,” on April 5.

The new album captures the attention of the audience with the contrast between the genreless sense of Khalid’s peculiar and powerful voice, and the emotions he transmits through the melodies.

According to popular opinions, the album has become a success in less than a week and it also received five nominations for the celebrated Billboard Music Awards with its leading song “Talk,” released two months before the album on Feb 7, 2019, and “Better.”

“Saturday Nights” is a an acoustic guitar-heavy ballad which adds an amazing layer of exotic style to Khalid’s previous style. The song has also been remixed including one featuring country singer Kane Brown.

“My Bad” deals with the author’s attempt in apologizing for not replying to a text. This song gave Khalid great fame for his unnatural talent for including his lighthearted, soft and sweet voice in such an ear-catching vibe.