Juniors Take ACT on Wednesday, April 24


Credit to Karsyn Williams

During class, junior Connor Peper studies for the ACT. It is an exam used to measure a students academic abilities. Peper has previously taken this exam three times.

By Karsyn Williams, North Star Reporter

In order to measure their readiness and abilities for college, juniors will be taking the ACT on Wednesday. Students registered to take the test will be meeting in the gyms by 7:30 a.m. and will take the exam for about four hours. They will need to bring a form of identification, a pencil and a calculator.

“[Taking the ACT] allows them to see how they compete on a national level,” Lisa Woodrum, a FHN guidance counselor said. “It also shows them their college and career benchmarks. It gives you an idea of how you as an individual stand on academic achievements.”

Similar to the SAT, their scores in the categories of english, mathematics, reading and science are put on their transcripts. A student’s score can affect their college acceptances and scholarships.

“We say [take the ACT] twice, because after taking the ACT once, all test takers have a 66 per cent chance of increasing their score,” Woodrum said.

It is often argued if this form of standardized testing accurately measures one’s intelligence and abilities. While some students struggle with the pressure, others do better with the stress. Many students offer and reach out to teachers for extra help with their studies when preparing and utilize FHN’s ACT prep course. This can aid those that struggle with standardized tests into showing their ability more accurately.

“I’ve been seeing a tutor to get down some methods to do the best I can,” junior Carson Ramirez said. “Practice different methods since some ways work better for others.”