Learning Commons Introduces “Stick Together” Art This Year


Credit to Hunter Turpin

FHN learning commons introduces new "stick together" activity.

By Hunter Turpin, Videographer

Walking past the learning commons, every eye is automatically drawn to the unique and collaborative artwork at its entrance.

The new activities were started by media specialists Angie Davis and Tara Willen at the end of last school year, but gained popularity this school year. The activity, called “Stick Together”, is a blank paper divided into small squares, each with a number printed in it and a sticker that coordinates to a color. When pieced, or stuck, together, a picture is revealed.

“The first Stick Together we did this year was the picture of Dr. Hostetler,” Willen said. “I think that’s what really got people into it. Since he was new and not everyone had gotten a chance to see him, the students enjoyed filling that one in,” Davis added.

Last school year, the media specialists had a stick together commemorating the 2018 graduating class after seeing the activity at a librarians’ conference.

“We saw the idea and thought it would be a really good activity that was quick for students to do in the mornings or before class,” Willen said.

Davis and Willen were unsure how often students were going to use it, but were pleasantly surprised when students quickly caught on and began completing them and including them in their daily routine.

“Some students come in daily, some are always the first to put on a square when we get a new one,” Willen said. “Teachers get involved too. We always enjoy watching how each individual executes the task.”

Not only do stick togethers give students a productive outlet in the mornings, there are also other benefits that they offer.

“I think the best thing about it is that it engages students and it is something collaborative that all students can join in on,” Davis said. “It builds a community which is something we are working on as a building too.”