Junior Chase Holder discusses team goals for double header against Fort Zumwalt South

Junior Chase Holder claps after scoring run against Troy.

Credit to Kamryn Bell

Junior Chase Holder claps after scoring run against Troy.

By Parker Kilen, FHNGameday.com reporter

On April 27th the Knights Varsity Baseball team will be playing Fort Zumwalt South in a double header at home. In this Q&A, junior Chase talks about both him and the team’s goals for both those games, and what they will be like.

Q: What are you and the team’s goals in both games against Fort Zumwalt South?

A: Our team goals against Fort Zumwalt South is to play some defense and produce some runs.

Q: What is your team’s history against both teams?

A: Our history against them is about even.

Q: What players are you most confident in for both those games including yourself?

A: The players I’m most confident in is our whole team. You can’t pick out just one player so we gotta play as a team.

Q: How has this season been different from last season?

A: The players on the team are all new besides like 5, so our team is completely different and plays differently.

Q: How has the team improved throughout the season?

A: Our defense has really improved this year and is starting to make better plays.

Q: What will be the team’s biggest strength going into both those games?

A: Our biggest strength is our determination to win. We are on a losing streak right now and want to break that really bad.