Girls’ track team headed into GACs


Credit to Francisco Jimenez

Junior Silvana Wang ties her shoe before she goes out for a run.

By Ashlynn Perez

The girls’ track and field season has continued in full force, and the only meets remaining being district, sectionals and state competitions. Junior Silvana Wang has run for FHN track for three years, and she has been among the many other girls who have been preparing for GACs all season. GACs take place today, on May 1.

Track athletes have prepared for GACs since the beginning of the season, simply by trying their best at meets and working hard at practices. Wang, as well as other runners, run outside of school and in their free time, which keeps their bodies in good shape and prepared for meets and practices.

“I prepare by sticking to the coaches plan,” Wang said. “And I get practice at other track meets, and also running on weekends.”

Head coach Kimberly Martin trains the runners for these competitions just like any other meet: hard practicing.

“It’s the beginning of the postseason,” Martin said. “We’re giving our athletes a bit more of a taper to keep their bodies fresh.”

According to Wang, having an optimistic outlook can benefit the team during GACs. The FHN girls track team is running into this competition with high hopes.

“I really just try to stay positive,” Wang said. “I think [GACs] are going to go good. I hope they go well.”