Freshman Zach Zimmerman Makes Varsity Volleyball


Credit to Anna Hollinger

Freshman Zach Zimmerman runs down the line to get high fives from all his teammates before the game against De Smet.

By Claire Huss

Over seven years ago, freshman Zach Zimmerman watched his sisters play volleyball from the sidelines and started to grow a strong interest in the sport. 

“It looked really fun,” Zimmerman said. “I wanted to try it, so I started playing and I have loved it ever since.”

Zimmerman tried out this year in hopes of making JV, but he never anticipated to make varsity. Taken by surprise, Zimmerman had made varsity as a freshman. He is one out of two freshmen on the varsity team.

“I didn’t really expect to make varsity this year,” Zimmerman said. “There were already a lot of people who were defensive players so I didn’t really think I had a chance.”

Zimmerman plays as a defensive specialist and also as a libero, which is a back row position. 

“Because Zach is a freshman on varsity, we know he has plenty of time to learn and get even better, which is great for our program over the next few years,” teammate Thomas Beye said. “One of his biggest strengths is his passing, he always does a good job of getting the ball up.”

Zimmerman is really excited to finish the rest of the season strong and to get to know the team even more. 

“I am looking forward to winning a lot more games,” Zimmerman said. “Also, I am looking forward to getting used to the team and more comfortable with them, so I can interact with them more.”