Having the Right Mindset Towards the Upcoming AP Tests is Integral to the Experience

You can test me, not my nerves


Credit to Ella Manthey

Christopher Dalton teaches a lesson to his seventh hour AP Biology class. Many classes are starting to review for the upcoming AP tests next month. Students will be taking the AP test for biology on Monday, May 13.

By Liy Taliaferro, North Star Reporter

Students have signed up for 24 upcoming AP tests that start on May 6, and teachers have spent the whole year preparing them.

“Basically the college board designs the AP exams to be as rare as college level work so it’s college oriented. The idea is to expose high school students to the rigor of college while they’re still in high school essentially,” calculus teacher Greg Brown said.

Colleges will be looking at test results which can add to pre-existing stress that some students face. Teachers have been preparing their students for the tests by covering topics that they learned over the school year. Junior Kaitlyn Verner is preparing for her tests in the coming days.

“I’m in three AP classes if that counts,” Verner said. “I’m stressed out about 75 percent of the time. I tend to get really overwhelmed and frustrated when there’s a lot going on.”

Verner currently balances a job where she works 25 hours a week including weekends, dancing and classes. It’s a lot to balance, and a lot of students have busy schedules similar to Verner’s, but teachers have advice.

“Try to be confident and definitely be well rested on days leading up to AP exams and the AP exams are on different days too so if someone has three different exams, they’re probably on three different days,” Brown said. “That means they need to eat healthy and be well rested for three days straight.”

Teachers want to see their students succeed, so students should not hesitate to ask questions if and when they’re struggling. AP testing is two weeks long with 12 tests lasting through May 6 – May 10, and another 12 tests from May 13 – May 17. Students should take a moment to themselves to focus on their health, hygiene, and should treat themselves to have successful, stress free test days. AP classes can bring a lot of stress and responsibility however Verner believes the classes are worth it.

“I think ever since taking them, I have become better at not procrastinating and challenging myself, and I do think that I will be way more prepared for college now because I got a glimpse of it in high school,” Verner said.