FHSD Offers Great by 8 Program For Kindergarteners


Credit to Photo Submitted

By Isabella Schneider , Photographer

On April 24, at 1 p.m, FHSD held an adult and student led meeting allowing students and community members to share their own experience to help others learn. This program is called “Great by 8.”

“I set up the volunteer trainings, check in with buildings monthly to ensure they have proper supplies,” Director of Elementary Education, Dr. Chris Garland said. “And [I] maintain a list of volunteers to help recruit new members for the program.”

Great by 8 is filled with a team of volunteer members. After deciding to volunteer, they must take a required training course to be equipped with the information to help the students around them. Great by 8 is a program designed to help kindergarten students in reading to help set a basis for the rest of their learning career.

“This program benefits students by building positive self-esteem,” Garland said. “Building a relationship with a caring trusted adult and improving academic achievement.”

There are many ways a volunteer can get involved with students. This one on one tutoring session helps aid the students in becoming more confident in their reading skills.

“This is important, because it is critical that all of our students have the skills to be proficient readers,” Garland said. “Early intervention is key to ensure that our students are able to be fluent readers.