Sophomores Ben Ell and Cole Sherman Are Ranked Second in Tennis


Credit to Francisco Jimenez

Sophomore Ben Ell swings his racket as he hits the ball.

By Julia Kristensen, FHNGameday writer

Tennis matches have nine games, six single games and three doubles games, these make the score for the game. Each game is played by one of the top six players on varsity, playing the same rank as the opponent. Ben Ell and Cole Sherman are ranked second for doubles for their first year playing together. Last year Ell was ranked second and Cole Sherman was ranked fourth.

“We always get each other hyped when we need it most, and make sure we always have positive body language when one of us messes up,” said Sherman.

Since the two both had to switch their partners, they made changes in the way they play. They are adjusting to both competition and a partner to compete with. For doubles, the players need to have chemistry and understand the way one another play.

“Playing with Ben has been a great experience because we play really well together,” said Sherman. “He is very consistent at the baseline, which allows me to poach a lot at the net.”

The competition from each team changes every year. Since Sherman played against the players ranked fourth last year, he has to play against harder competition this year. To increase their competition they plan to get their doubles team to state by improving and working together.

“The completion is always going to be different year to year from people graduating and new freshman, I feel like we have made a good run and we’re hoping on qualifying for state,” said Ell.