Junior Uma Upamaka Wins Regional American Legion Oratorical Speech Competition


Credit to Photo submitted

Junior Uma Upamaka poses with regional medal from the Americas Legion Oratorical Speech Competition.

By Colin St. Aubin, Staff Writer

Most students like to stay out of politics and the law during their four years of high school. This common theme is untrue with Junior Uma Upamaka who won a speech competition based off of those very ideas.

Upamaka, a national level speech and debate competitor, entered into an American Legion oratory speech competition. The American legion is a veterans organization who aim to spread patriotism and education in America. This specific competition was to give students the opportunity to share their knowledge and opinion surrounding certain aspects of the constitution. Upamaka’s speech surrounded the origins of our nation.

“I focused on the value of compromise in the United States today,” Upamaka said. “I went on to discuss how, more specifically, the story of compromise is woven into the constitution’s creation.”

After two levels of regional competition, Upamaka was awarded the regional award for the American Legion Oratorical Speech Competition. This award comes with a scholarship totaling greater than $10,000. After receiving this award Upamaka felt her effort had literally paid off.

“It felt amazing when I won,” Upamaka said. “I put a lot of work into the speech, so to see it turn out well was incredible. I’m happy with the work I did this year, and hope to see it turn out better next year.”