Social Media is a Huge Time Waster [Opinion]


Credit to Sydney Ellison

By Sydney Ellison, North Star Reporter

Social media is like a black hole. It consumes everything. From cute dog pictures to new baking recipes to an abundance of filtered selfies, social media has it all. There’s an understanding that once that app is open, it’s going to be used for hours. The self control needed for a normal person to close out social media apps is unbelievable. Why is this? Maybe it’s because we use social media as an excuse to procrastinate work we don’t want to do. Or, maybe we all just really love cute dog pictures.

Whatever the reason, people need to stop wasting time on these social media apps. Time is the most valuable resource we have and with enough of it we can accomplish anything. With all the time being wasted today, society will soon be in a downward spiral.

When procrastinating, social media is the go to time waster. It holds us captive one post at a time. Four hours can pass after going on the app to look at one thing. For students this is a real threat. It takes away the small amount of time we have away from school, homework, sports and work. Students need to use that time to explore new hobbies, hangout with friends and just have fun instead of sitting in bed and scrolling through pictures.

With today’s technology, time limits can be easily set on one’s phone for specific apps. The power button is a great tool for getting rid of those pesky notifications. Start small and give yourself an amount of time away from the phone. During that time do something you love. Go outside and enjoy the sun or stay inside and paint a picture. Just be happy and waste no more time concerning yourself over likes, comments or the next new post.