Freshman Cassie Reich Read All The 2018-2019 Gateway Books


Credit to Kailie Carlson

By Kailie Carlson, Excalibur Reporter

Freshman Cassie Reich has read all the books in the Gateway series, she started reading them at the beginning of the school year and was finished by first semester.

“I like to read and the books this year were interesting, because I had started reading [them], then I decided to read the the whole thing,” Reich said.

Reich had the motivation to finish all the Gateway books, because many of her after school activities were cancelled and she had lots of freetime.

“I procrastinated, a lot of my activities got cancelled, I read a lot on the bus, and also places I didn’t want to go,” Reich said.

Reich’s favorite book in the series was Scythe, a futuristic novel about a dystopian society trying to overcome challenges in a new circumstances.

“It was my kind of book with competition, it was interesting because it had a new spin on a dystopia with people killing other people,” Reich said. “Every time I took the quiz I got a piece of candy. I only won something if I voted on one of the books and got into the contest.”

Reich did not win anything for reading the books, only if she voted on a book but, instead she got a piece a candy for passing the quiz. You can only take the quiz if you read the Gateway books for the school year and then passed it.

“The student who reads the most and passes the most quizzes, then wins the individual prize, it’s a $50 gift card,” Library Media Specialist Tara Willen said.