Recycling Club Makes Beds For The Homeless


Credit to Allison Cavato

By Allison Cavato, Excalibur Editor-in-Chief

Small, but mighty. Small, but making a change. Small, but doing good for others. The recycling club is always looking for ways to help out the school and community. This club helps the school in various ways, one of the biggest being that they go around after school to each classroom and collect what has been tossed in the recycling bin.

“My sister was a part of recycling club and she just told me to go,” member Silvina Wang said. “I did want to go, but I didn’t have time during the cross country season. Once that ended is when I started going.”

Recycling club meets once every two weeks. The club contains about six members, and usually has around three or four show up at every meeting. This year, the club had a new idea on how to help the community. They decided they wanted to make recycled beds for a homeless shelter. Wang claims that last year her sister, Shivani Dondada, contributed to the idea of making something for the homeless from recyclable products.

“We take grocery bags, the plastic ones, and we flatten them out and cut them into strips,” Wang said. “That is kind of like our ‘yarn’ and Ms. Kehoe made this wooden loom where we do this under-over pattern and it forms a structured blanket.”

The club started making these beds in August, but, because of the long process, they have only been able to make a couple beds. By the end of the year, their goal is to make around 50 beds for the shelter.

“I knew how to crochet, so it came in handy for the plastic bags, but we haven’t done a lot because there’s not that many kids in the club,” member Shivani Dondada said.

They want to deliver these beds at the end of the year so that the homeless can have them for next winter. Recycling club is also hoping to pick up a few more members throughout the semester to get more helping hands for the bags.

“It’s good to reuse the products that we have and it is a good thing to contribute to the community to people who are less fortunate, especially since it was extremely cold this winter, and it would have been nice to give them something that was shelter from any wet or cold weather,” Wang said.