A Goodbye to Seniors


By Riley Witherbee, Photographer

Seniors cheer during their last pep assembly at the beginning of their final year in high school. As the school year ends, seniors begin to complete their “lasts” of many things. With prom, KOE picnic, senior field day and more, all together, it gave the chance for the class of 2019 to spend the final part of their senior year with each other while making some final memories.

“My favorite part of high school had to be my senior night for basketball, it was a really cool and a once in a lifetime experience,” senior Patty O’Leary said.

Through the four years at FHN, many seniors have made memories that will last a lifetime. The memories range from their first day as a freshmen to looking forward to their graduation day.

“My favorite memory was when Brocksmith fell off of his scooter,” senior Nina Bright said. “He was trying to chase a kid with pancakes.”

Along with hard goodbyes, comes lots of planning and preparing for a long journey and jump into life. Many seniors plan on attending college or joining trade school. They also have to begin planning what career they want to go into.

“I’m most looking forward to my job after college,” senior Essence Green said. “I am hoping to be a teacher and work with kids. I really love working with kids so I am excited.”

With sentimental memories, follows the hilarious, laugh-until-you-cry memories too. The class of 2019 knows how to have fun while making sure everyone feels included and is having a good time.

“Freshman year, Mrs. Clark had a substitute and he didn’t know what a smart board was and he used expo marker on it to write his name,” senior Lauren Ray said. “Everyone could not stop laughing.”

The senior class embraced everyone for who they are regardless of grade. They were the ones you would see being the loudest at pep assemblies or football games, they really were there to have fun and embrace being a Knight.

“Half of my friends are seniors this year,” junior Abby Johnson said. “I have been through so much with them. They took me in as a friend and I have never been more grateful for anything else.”

The class of 2019 is a class that no one will ever forget. Each and every one of them will do great things and achieve so much. Just remember, that once you’re a Knight, you will always remain a Knight.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it.” -Ferris Bueller