Changes in the Cafeteria Intrigue Students and Staff


By Parker Kilen

This year the commons has gone through some big changes regarding seating, the lunch lines and the food.

More round tables have been implemented in the loft and in the front of the room, and according to custodian Stacy Buss, the tables make life easier for everyone.

“I like the way it’s set up now and I think it gives us more room,” Buss said. 

Senior Margaret McNevin says the new round tables allow her to talk to her friends without having to yell or lean across the table. Sophomore Alaina Moore agrees, stating that she likes the new tables and seating arrangements.

 “I like how everyone has a place to sit and that there is a lot more room than last year,” Moore said.

The food in the commons has also changed this year. Both Moore and McNevin enjoy the food  because there are more options. 

“The changes allow me to not have to get up and make lunch because I enjoy all of the new options,” McNevin said. 

The way the lunch lines operate have also changed this year. According to Moore, this is the only change she and other students haven’t enjoyed. 

“The lines are the one thing that I don’t like, it takes too long to get food and it is always crowded,” McNevin said. “Sometimes you stand in the lunch line longer than you get to eat.”

 One of the reasons for the change according to Buss is that there was a real need for more room in the cafeteria for both students and staff. 

“Everything can always be a little bit better but as of right now it’s not bad,” Buss said.