Album Review : Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding”

By Karsyn Williams, North Star Reporter

After his hit “Congratulations” reached the charts in 2016, Post Malone has continued to grow his career as a rapper. This month, his third studio album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” was released. The 17 song album includes numerous artist features including Future, Young Thug, Travis Scott and SZA.

The album stays true to Post Malone’s past discography, with dragging, hum-like vocals and upbeat production. Although almost half of the album has features it doesn’t rely on them, using the other’s vocals as more of a highlight on the track. In contrast to his past music, the album begins to play with more of a rock tone, especially on the track “Take What You Want”,  which features a focus on the guitar in the instrumental and includes vocals from artist Ozzy Osbourne.

The track “Circles” is the hit song of the album, reaching into the top 10 on the Billboard Top 100 and becoming number one on the Spotify streaming charts. The song sticks to a more mellow sound. Post Malone’s vocals on this track are used in a similar way to “Sunflower”, another one of his streaming hits.

While Post Malone begins to experiment with other sounds, the album remains consistent throughout and many of the different instrumentals are almost indistinguishable. However, the album is organized so the softer songs are mixed with the songs that have a heavier hiphop tone, which helps the album sound less repetitive.

Overall, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is a chart topper, with almost the entire album being on the Spotify Top 50. While the album isn’t groundbreaking, it flows well and shows what caused Post Malone to rise to fame.